About Me

Life is too short to spend any bit in unhappiness. 🙂

Hi, I’m Rachel. This is my personal blog where I write out about the things that really strike a chord in my head. I share them as I learn to live through life and might help people who just need to know the same.

Yes, life is a gift from God, living that life joyously is an art. And you need to master that art.

Only God, the author of life, knows how best you can live joyously.

Trying to see life from the perspective of God, living it with His ideals, sometimes forcing my way through the hard times by trusting in God, yet other times forgetting His hand in the blessings, I am a person who has learnt to surrender everything to the Lord.

Not all lives are the same. Not all people face the same challenges. But living to the best of your ability for the Lord is all that matters. I know it ain’t all that easy. There are going to good times and tough times. Maybe for some it seems to be hard all the time. Well consider yourself as blessed. The beauty of a Christian life lies in living faithfully in the hard times.

But I want to encourage you to live this life with the same zeal as the love that Christ has shown for you by the forgiveness of your sins through His sacrifice so that we might be set free and His assurance to you of eternal life with Him in heaven. What love!

My posts are to encourage you in this walk of faith with the Lord just as I am encouraged. You have a reason to be alive. You were created by God for a purpose which only …ONLY you can fulfil.

You are specially formed, divinely guided and specifically led by God.

The plans that He has for you are not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future.

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