Discouragements are not from God. 5 Things to do to stay positive and NOT lose your focus


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If you happened to find yourself getting discouraged and negative towards life, you really need to check where your focus is right now. It’s easy for us to get swayed by the matters of the world. It’s as easy as hearing about someone getting a better-pay job, seeing finally-hitched pictures during your period of extended-singleness or even listening to testimonies of someone getting healed of the same sickness you might be suffering with. Once this kind of discouragement is allowed to meddle with our thoughts, soon we’d be coming across more such instances on a daily basis until one day you start to doubt God’s promises for your life and your relationship with Him.

This world is full of comparisons and compels us to feel unsatisfied. Even more thanks to social media. But everyone’s life is different and everyone’s race is different. The challenges you face might be different from the challenges others face. There’s always going to be something better, always. But staying content while you are striving for a better life is the key to staying positive. Discouragements come only to draw our focus away from God, especially when God is about to do a new thing in our lives.


So what can we do in such situations? How do I keep my focus on God?


  1. Be sensitive to the moment when a certain thing is making you feel discouraged.

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You can know when something is hitting on your head and making you feel dissatisfied, even for a split second and back, you just know it. Don’t entertain the thought any further.



  1. Don’t talk out about your feeling of discouragements immediately.

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Speaking out means you, yourself, are testifying about your discontentment in life i.e. distrust in God’s hand of provision. When you say negative things out, you are giving devil the authority to use your words against you.




  1. Pray an immediate prayer wherever you are.

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Say a little prayer in your mind, thanking God for all the things in your life and for all the things He is about to give. Also seeking His help to overcome discouragements and negative thoughts. Only God can help us overcome.



  1. Beware of more such instances and confront them boldly in the same manner.

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You are almost always going to face immediately more such instances that cause you to feel discouraged. That’s the strategy of the devil to make you feel discontent and get you to lose your focus on God. So stay aware after the first instance you sense, and fight each instance that follows in the same manner boldly.


  1. Read, meditate on God’s Word and pray daily.


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This is the most important necessity to keeping our focus on God and overcoming discouragements and discontentment. When you pray, read and meditate on God’s Word, you get to know who God is and who you are in God. God is the creator of all things, all-powerful, our provider, our refuge, our fortress, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, author of life! And you are a child of God! When you are assured of that, you can never get swayed by the matters of the world.


So are you feeling discouraged or discontent? Where is your focus? Are you focussing on the world or on God? Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


Live by faith, and not by sight!

Good day! 🙂


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